How it all connects

The Feature Rich Platform

ClassApp is a multi-faceted platform that offers invaluable features to school communities in a simple and easy-to-use package.

ClassApp’s incredibly powerful and easy to use design enables your selected staff members to create, edit, and directly manage all the features of the service through one simple online staff console. Fully accessible by both computer and phone, you are fully empowered to make immediate changes to the app as you see fit.

Mobile App

Here at ClassApp, we believe it’s about time that every school has a mobile application that strengthens communication within the school community, promotes safety, and is entirely customizable (without having to wait around for a vendor employee to get back to you). The ClassApp mobile app was made with simplicity and ease-of-customization in mind; everything in the app is controlled by you!

Do you want to make a public announcement about your soccer team’s big win yesterday? Tell the triumphant story. You can make a page in minutes! There is no waiting around - no complicated formatting - no technical knowledge required. The app page will be instantly available for your entire community once you click publish!

Having a school mobile app has never been easier.


ClassApp is the first and only school package to offer student/staff announcement creation, announcement management, and announcement delivery directly to the pockets of all students, teachers, and even parents as desired! Gone are the days of illegible handwritten notes, last minute rushes to the office to hand in “just one more announcement”. Save time, paper, and allow your entire community to know what’s happening in your school - instantly, even if they are not in the school at the announcement time.

Announcement submission for students has never been easier. Students create their announcement online, select the staff member for approval, and that’s it! The staff member will instantly receive an email notifying them of an announcement. They will be given an opportunity to make any edits to the announcement, reject it, or approve it for distribution. The whole process takes seconds, seamlessly empowers everyone involved, and allows everyone to have a role in easily digitally managing the announcements.


ClassApp allows for increased community awareness through the use of notifications. Quickly and easily send a notification to the whole school, a particular group, or just one individual from your school community. Imagine not having to rely on the entire band hearing a sudden message about a meeting room change, only for them to forget the room number minutes later. Deliver the message directly to the phones of the band students and lose the miscommunication instantly!

Bus delayed? Send a notification directly to the students waiting for that bus.

Need a staff member in the office but don’t want to interrupt the entire school? Send them a personal notification!

StudentSafe Attendance

ClassApp has built a robust attendance management system that allows parents to sign their children out and mark them as absent, directly from the mobile app! With direct-to-parent app notifications, emails, and robocalls, they will always be up to date with their child’s attendance. Parents can choose exactly how they want to be notified about their child’s absence, allowing for a more informed community.

A simple and easy-to-use attendance manager is built directly into the staff web portal, allowing for your entire admin team to be kept up to date with submitted signouts and absences. Access today’s attendance report with the click of a button!

Student Club Applications

Quickly create an online application form for your extracurriculars and start accepting applications as soon as you’d like! ClassApp allows for the creation, collection, and management of student extracurricular applications with just a few clicks. Easily customize the application exactly how you would like, create questions, schedule a submission start and end time, and find your next super-star! Students apply online, completely eliminating the need for handwritten papers and preventing the hectic last minute rush to apply.