Fully Customizable

The School Billboard

ClassApp is the industry’s first and only fully customizable mobile app, every page on your app has the potential to be a personalizable school billboard. Celebrate what makes your school unique and highlight the moments, large or small, that mean something to your community. Design a new page in just seconds to share that awesome fundraising event and increase community awareness tenfold. With updates being immediately pushed to the app, your staff can make the mobile app come to life and use it as an interactive tool to engage your students, parents, and fellow staff members. Gone are the days of a static and boring school app!

Almost every feature of the mobile app experience is fully customizable to how you want. You are in full control and can tailor every aspect to fit the look and style you want in a school mobile app. The possible combinations are truly endless; you can embed an Instagram post to connect students without social media to the huge victory your soccer team just had, showcase a YouTube video of your award-winning robotics team practicing, post an entire gallery of pictures from last night’s school carnival, and so much more.

Connect your community in ways never imagined with ClassApp.