Reporting what matters

StudentSafe Attendance Reporting

Imagine a system that allows parents to report absences directly from their smartphone app - without the aggravation of calling in, and working through a voice prompt system. With ease of use, comes greater adoption - which means greater certainty.

Imagining an immediate direct-to-parent notification being sent about a student’s absence, without voicemail picking up the robocall.

With voicemail getting in the way, you don’t even know if the parents received the message!!!

Now imagine an IMMEDIATE acknowledgement by the parents about the notification they just received, and a reminder or escalation if they do not acknowledge the notification.

Being so safety conscious at ClassApp, we do not simply accept a voicemail message is “good enough” - we want to know the parents are absolutely, and immediately, aware their child is not where they are expected to be. We take StudentSafe seriously!

With clear and immediate notifications, rapid and decisive action can be taken when needed.

Parents can use their smartphones to update the attendance status of their children, while also seeing at a glance what the attendance history has been. With passwords and follow-up emails summarizing the absence reporting, parents and administrators can be sure of no unwelcome intrusions in the secure communications. We are a long way from forging a parent’s signature on a note, or racing to erase a voicemail.

The school can have the peace of mind knowing ClassApp will let them know when an absence requires staff involvement - and until then, the time consuming nature of attendance management can be entirely eliminated.

ClassApp will manage this for you.

With robocalls typically being the bulk of the cost of any absence reporting system, only ClassApp provides the opportunities, tools, and incentives to help your school wean parents off this costly and frustrating method of reporting. Parents can tailor their communications preferences from in-app notifications, email, or text messaging - and yes, for those who want to continue with robocalls, the option can still exist. With parents choosing their preferred mode of communication, you greatly improve the likelihood of the parent getting the message on the first attempt, and also greatly improve the security of the notification process.

When parents switch away from robocalls, you benefit from dramatically lower costs.

A simple and easy-to-use attendance reporter is built directly into the staff web portal, allowing for your entire admin team to quickly report on, and look up, submitted signouts, absences, acknowledgements and approvals. Access today’s attendance report with the click of a button!